SBSC offers a variety of services from  Health Insurance, to Cancer, Accident and other voluntary products as well as Identity theft coverage.  

Secure Benefits Systems is best known for our TPA services for Section 125 Cafeteria Plans (flex plans) and Section 105 Plans (HRA plans) serving over 70,000+ employees and their families and working with over 570 Employers to provide benefits consulting in the ever changing world of healthcare. 

Section 105 HRA plans
Voluntary benefits /  Identity Theft
Section 125 cafeteria plans
" We offer that personal service that goes "beyond expectation" in today's busy world.  

Secure Benefits Systems  


FSA Eligible Expenses and Items

SBSC has partnered with the FSA Store to bring you even more savings!  all items are guaranteed to be flex eligible.  Click on the link above to get started saving today.  Questions on the FSA Store?  800-FSA-1450