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Your flex debit card can be used at thousands of qualified merchants to pay for your medical expenses.  All with just the swipe of your card.  No claims to file, just maintain your receipts for auditing purposes. 

Click the debit card image ---->  to go the website where you can sign in to your flex account for 24/7 access.  Here you can file claims, check account balances, update your personal information and report lost or stolen debit cards. (For accounts with online access only)

FLexible spending debit card and account access


Your flex debit card is a MasterCard debit card offered to participants as a method of reimbursement from their health FSA account.  The employer must agree to offer the flex debit card as there are costs associated with the account.


Employees can have easier access to their health reimbursement account funds with the use of  your flex debit card.  It transfers funds from employee benefit accounts directly to qualified providers with no out-of-pocket costs, and most instances no need to submit receipts to us for processing.

The flex debit card can be used at any qualifying merchant that accepts MasterCard.  It can also be used at a majority of pharmacies utilizing the new Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) and/or those that have approval of the IRS 90% rule.  For a list of qualified merchants, click on the links below.

                                 IIAS Merchant List                                                                                      IRS 90% Rule Merchant List

Participants may use their flex debit card for eligible healthcare expenses such as deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions, dental and vision expenses and certain medical supplies.  No pin is required, therefore option for payment selected should be "credit" when processing payment.  use of the card is limited to specific merchants, it cannot be used at an ATM and no "cash back" option is available.  For a list of our most FAQ, please click here.

A great feature of our flex debit card is that it "communicates" with the employee via email on usage and transaction status.  For more information on activating this feature, please contact us and we will be  happy to discuss this option with you.   In a hurry, need to access your personal account on the go?  your flex account is mobile!    For Iphone users you can get your app here and for Android users click here.